Our Unforgettable Holiday Getaway To Denia

We go to Denia so often that our friends wonder why we don’t get to try and explore other regions. All we can really say is that we always take a vacation to Denia, in fact, every year, simply because we’ve discovered a wonderland – we’ve discovered our version of paradise. There are so many things to do that our 4 kids are consistently occupied with something, meaning that we have the time to relax and enjoy the really good climate. We normally rent a big holiday villa in Denia (not always the same one) that’s big enough for our entire family, and it is surprisingly inexpensive. It is also our intention to travel more and spend less with vacation rentals in Denia.

It might seem to be a bit boring to keep going back to the same place, but we could never get bored of Denia. Each time the trip ends, we count the seconds until our next one.

You may wonder why we love this place so much …

It is truly challenge speaking only about a couple of things we love about Denia, since there are just so many wonderful things about this area. To begin with, there’s its history that we really fancied. For a small port in Valencia, it undoubtedly has a fascinating past. Because it was a strategic port, it was the centre of many fights over time. Romans, Muslims and Christians have fought in Denia. The castle is probably the first thing you’ll ever notice when visiting this area. Even though it was build a very long time ago, it still stands as one of the most attractive castles in Europe. The palace pathway offers wonderful views and the collections in the castle museum are so fantastic we would spend a lot of hours viewing them.

If history isn’t your thing, no need to worry because there are also other ways to have a great time in Denia. For one, there is its remarkable beach, where our children play various sports and swim – Punta del Raset. We really love to go to Punta del Raset, which is one of those beaches that has so many activities to surely our kids occupied whilst giving us time to relax.

We also love doing horseback riding. The La Sella riding institution is our favorite one, due to the fact that they offer rides through fantastic places. We really love going on horseback through the Montgo national park, because the mountain scenery is gorgeous, as well as the Spanish countryside.

I guess you already grasped just how much we like Denia. So much so that we asked ourselves why we were even bothering to go home at all. We made a decision to move there and began to search for a villa for sale in Denia.

Me and my other half work from home and our oldest boy has already done with his schooling, we decided it’s time to get a sea panorama. Considering that we have no other relatives in our present city, there is practically nothing stopping us from making this wonderland our permanent home.

So during our last vacation we started searching for villas available for sale. And I must say, compared to house prices back home you get a lot more for your money.

We were excited to find a 5 bedroom villa (swimming pool included) for 330,000 Euros. It might seem a lot (this was the upper limit of our budget), but since it was more a mansion than a villa, with a big swimming pool, with a bar to the side and a remarkable panorama, this was our first choice. We could already imagine all the great pool celebrations we were going to have. One of the biggest selling points for us were the 5 bedrooms, considering that we’re a large family and we would not want to be crowded. As I said before, this is most likely going to be our final choice.

Our other option is a smaller sized, 3 bedroom villa, at only 165, 000 Euros. Although it has only 3 bedrooms, the terrific view of the countryside, the sea and the golf course nearby have made us think about purchasing it.

We are far from a final decision and we’re preparing a new visit to Denia this 2015 to look for more villas for sale. We cannot just wait and we are so eager to start our new life in Denia!


Choosing Exotic Apartments, Villas and Penthouses in Javea

Probably one of the best and traditional places to visit is Javea, even though Spain has different places that demand attention. Javea is located on eastern tip of Alicante, in the Costa Blanca region. A great variety of happening and fun awaits you in this wonderful coastal town. It’s amazingly well blessed with gothic style buildings and a whole lot of things you can definitely take in and enjoy in this lovely city. As pleasure as the Javea old town as well as the beach area is the Javea port. The old town does have quite a few houses worth watching as well as the narrow streets, yet the pleasure lies in enjoying one of those amazing Javea rental villas.

01 Choosing Exotic Apartments, Villas and Penthouses in Javea - Solimarvillas holiday villas and apartments for rent in Spain at direct prices

Stay a property of your choice

Including a few at the Golden Beach, there are lots of property choices in Javea you can absolutely choose from that comes with options that ranges much on your budget – from sprawling villas to the stunning penthouses and apartments – all these are available at your disposal. Plus! most of these villa rentals in Javea are maintained up to five star quality and are well furnished to ensure that you will fully maximize your stay without having to worry anything especially when it comes to accommodation and things you need related to it. Moreover, no matter which part of the town you are in, traveling should not be a problem as most of the penthouses and villas are connected well with rest of the town.

Go for houses and villas that suit your budget

Villas in Javea and houses for rent prices are usually based on the location and how accessible they are to most of the amenities. The cost may be higher if the villa is located on the higher side especially those which offer amazing sea views but then again, don’t lose hope as there’s still a possibility that price can be worked out, all you have to do is to check online and then get in touch with the property owners. Direct listing of Javea properties with full details and costs can be found online, there are actually many websites now that are very user friendly and easy to understand. Some of these websites even have the options to help you compare the properties you like so you can narrow down and select the best deal you can get that suit your budget without compromising the comfort of your stay. You can even instantly make a request which is then passed on to the property owners who ensures that booking is confirmed. To confirm your booking, you may need to pay a part of the cost before you arrive.

Spend time in Javea like no other

Among the many places in Spain that is letting you to have fun in seclusion and at the same time enjoy the crowd is the lovely town of Javea. So do make sure to choose a villa rental that is designed with a bit of private space. Most of the properties have community spaces where you can spend time together with other services or pools. But to make the most and to have more choices, it’s way better to do your assignment or do a bit of a research in advance. If you choose to stay at least for a week, there are those websites that offer great discounts and how much more if you’ll be staying a bit longer?

Javea Holidays: A Complete Package Of A Great Holiday

holidays apartment to rent - Javea Costa Blanca 10

Among the four main regions of Spain which lie along the Mediterranean waters, it’s the Costa Blanca that bares not only name the Javea but a complete package of everything about Spain and about travelling.

✓ Historical heritage

✓ All year round fiestas

✓ Warm weather – healthiest climate!

✓ Sparkling sangria and vineyards

✓ Beautiful clean beaches

✓ Landscape and amazing natural sceneries

✓ Food – sumptuous and delicious

✓ Nightlife – vibrant!

And yet there’s still so much more for you to discover…

Javea is one of the most celebrated towns in the Costa Blanca region amounting to two thirds of its population as tourists. Javea is a fascinating town which experiences approximately of 325 sunny days in a year which what attracts tourists from North America especially during the winter season. In fact, this is a very ideal summer destination for all tourists from around the globe. People would go here to enjoy the sunny beaches with great sand and the sun that is good for toning skin.

The coastal town is most famous for its clean beaches and the joys that it brings with it. The clear blue waters favour scuba divers who enjoy exploring the underwater sceneries and creatures. Sailing in the ferry which has a glass frame in its underground compartment is utterly breath-taking because tourists get to view the underwater life showcase its beauty. The beach is also fantastic for swimming or just simply relaxing along the shores. The beach of Playa Arenal is ideal for children because of its shallow waters.

Villas and apartments to rent for all types is another feature that outstands in Javea town. Beautiful villas that stand isolated on mountain slopes and on the edge of cliffs clearly show the inspiration. Most of them are equipped with unlimited internet access, large parking spaces and a swimming pool. Cottages on the other hand are simple and most suitable for tourists who just want to relax in the midst of the town unlike in villas who love isolation.

Javea is home for archaeological sites yet the most visited is Natural Park of Montgo. Here tourists learn of the history of ancient people with the background of Christianity. Pilgrims adore these parks because they are able to learn more of their culture.

Visiting the old town of Javea is also a beautiful experience. The town is rich in medieval history as it is built with original Tosca. Strolling down the ancient narrow streets and visiting the Gothic Church of San Bartolome that is dated 15 centuries back is simply a life changer!

Javea contains viewpoints known as Miradors of Javea and famously known us the windows of Javea.  There are a total of fourteen strategic and breathtaking views starting from the first viewpoint that is in the Cap San Antonio, Javea north following each other to the last that is in Javea Granadella beach, Javea south. Each gives an overview of the town and the sea.

In summary, Javea is a small town with big experiences. Both the people of Spain and tourists share their different cultures and in unison have a great time together. A holidays to Javea is truly a worthy cause of money and time.

Features of the Javea Arenal Beach

Javea’s Arenal beach is such a breathtaking and rich place. An ideal place to de-stress, take in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean waters. The lifestyle and the culture of Spanish people revolves around spending long summer days on the beach and the place has just got everything to offer to everyone. This is also a perfect place for the kids to introduce them to swimming.

holiday apartments to rent Javea holidays Javea arenal beach

Starting from the northernmost part of the beach is the Hotel Parador De Jávea, which lies next to the ruins of Roman commander’s villa. At the hotel, you can enjoy the wide view of the silhouetting landscape. The Scallops restaurant which is best known for their fantastic value menus in a great dining location with your back to the sea marks the southern boundary of the Javea Arenal beach.

Holiday apartments to rent - Javea Arenal Beach 02

A newly renovated promenade is in between which is now so much more appealing. There are concrete slab seating on the edge of the beach in some section, walkways fully modernised, a great amount of restaurants and bars and a craft market which later after dark comes to life. Javea Arenal beach is very popular for hanging around with lots of volleyball courts and great selection of water sports. The summer holiday, is the best season in the Arenal beach because of the open air cinema usually showcased in summer nights.

Holiday apartments to rent - Javea Arenal Beach 01

There’s no such thing as lack in escapades in this place and it doesn’t present its sandy beach alone. There are a whole lot of beach activities and water sports you can turn yourself into if you want something that is invigorating. You can swim, dive, surf, snorkel and fish while at this exemplary Spanish beach. You can get to test your speed at the go-kart facility as well as your golfing skills at the numerous golf courses in the neighborhood.

Few kilometers away from the beach is the Cabo de la Nao cliff where you can get a better view of the port area, Ibiza, the old historic town and the surrounding areas.

If you are looking for more information about Javea Arenal Beach, you can read some of the inspiring reviews right here.

Main Resorts of the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is in the province of Alicante. Its name meaning is White Coast. It got its name from around 200 km of white coastline which lies along the Mediterranean ocean. The popular resort of  Javea, Denia, Gandia are found in the northern part while to the south is Torrevieja. Other smaller resorts which are now slowly being  developed include Moraira, Altea and Calpe. These are popular with Spanish tourists to the north.

Javea Holidays - Costa Blanca 01

Main Resorts of the Costa Blanca


Javea Holidays - Altea Beach in Costa Blanca

A unique beach. A mix of pebble and sand unlike other beaches and is one of the most beautiful of the Costa Blanca towns.

Benidormholiday apartments to rent in Javea - Benidorm beach 01

was a sleepy fishing village which has boomed to be the Europe’s largest holiday resort today and has continued to attract lots and lots of visitors yearly.


Holiday apartments to rent - Calpe Beach in Costa Blanca

Calpe is an ancient fishing port in Spain full of culture and history. Its most well-known landmark is the Ifach rock which stands proudly at 332m at the head of Calpe. With a line of thrilling medieval towns and and fortified villages creating a historic impression, Calpe and its spectacular nature reserves still remain unaffected by modern development.


Holiday apartments to rent - Denia Beach in Costa Blanca

Dénia is home to a castle on a rocky crag overlooking the city. It was built in the 11th and 12th century and offers views around the sea, the city and the surrounding area. The bonfire festival is celebrated here each March. Huge paper mache statues, called fallas are set up throughout the town, and then set ablaze.


Holiday apartments to rent - Ghandia Beach in Costa BlancaGandia is one of the largest coastal towns. It is the most northerly resort on the Costa Blanca which caters for predominantly Spanish tourists but the beaches are fantastic and well worth a visit. Ithas all the historical monuments, commercial activity, and shopping, and during summer apartments and holiday villas are found here and are fully booked each year.


Holiday apartments to rent - Javea Beach in Costa Blanca

Javea is one of the most popular resorts of the Costa Blanca. It has an interesting old town, a busy marina area and the lovely, sandy beach of El Arenal.  It is regarded as the coastal jewel of Costa Blanca Spain for its brilliant beaches and gentle Mediterranean winds. Moraira – Moraira is a real jewel of the Costa Blanca. Located just south of Javea it has stylish cafes and restaurants and a small, sandy beach just next to its very small “castle”. – see more at www.spanish-fiestas.com/costa-blanca/