Features of the Javea Arenal Beach

Javea’s Arenal beach is such a breathtaking and rich place. An ideal place to de-stress, take in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean waters. The lifestyle and the culture of Spanish people revolves around spending long summer days on the beach and the place has just got everything to offer to everyone. This is also a perfect place for the kids to introduce them to swimming.

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Starting from the northernmost part of the beach is the Hotel Parador De Jávea, which lies next to the ruins of Roman commander’s villa. At the hotel, you can enjoy the wide view of the silhouetting landscape. The Scallops restaurant which is best known for their fantastic value menus in a great dining location with your back to the sea marks the southern boundary of the Javea Arenal beach.

Holiday apartments to rent - Javea Arenal Beach 02

A newly renovated promenade is in between which is now so much more appealing. There are concrete slab seating on the edge of the beach in some section, walkways fully modernised, a great amount of restaurants and bars and a craft market which later after dark comes to life. Javea Arenal beach is very popular for hanging around with lots of volleyball courts and great selection of water sports. The summer holiday, is the best season in the Arenal beach because of the open air cinema usually showcased in summer nights.

Holiday apartments to rent - Javea Arenal Beach 01

There’s no such thing as lack in escapades in this place and it doesn’t present its sandy beach alone. There are a whole lot of beach activities and water sports you can turn yourself into if you want something that is invigorating. You can swim, dive, surf, snorkel and fish while at this exemplary Spanish beach. You can get to test your speed at the go-kart facility as well as your golfing skills at the numerous golf courses in the neighborhood.

Few kilometers away from the beach is the Cabo de la Nao cliff where you can get a better view of the port area, Ibiza, the old historic town and the surrounding areas.

If you are looking for more information about Javea Arenal Beach, you can read some of the inspiring reviews right here.


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